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Trade fair promotion:
One of our core-competence is promotion of international trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions dedicated to innovative goods, products & services the likes of which are not commonplace in our local business environment. Our aim is to broaden knowledge of existing and potential entrepreneurs, traders and investors to understand emerging products trends and innovative ideas in the global market place.

Currently, our company promotes and forms delegations throughout Africa to all energy shows across Europe organized by REECO GmbH. See www.energie-server.de

Fair delegation services:
We also assist interested local business owners, entrepreneurs & investors attend general or specific international trade fairs around the world, where our company has exhibition stands. This is based on our ‘exhibition costs sharing strategies’ whereby companies and individuals seeking foreign products or seeking to promote their products abroad, would share exhibition costs with us, to achieve their desired business objectives.

Global cross – marketing services:
Our participation in trade fairs across all continents exposes our company to innovative marketing ideas not available to most emerging global marketing firms. Given our unique abilities to access markets worldwide at greatly lower cost than firms from bigger economies, we are able to help take our clients’ products from say China and exhibit same to consumers in Africa, Canada Europe & United States, and vice versa.

This is easy for us to achieve at far lesser cost than the goods manufacturer because we often have free spaces in our exhibition stands at major international trade fairs, where we are exhibiting our marketing ‘services’. In some cases, we have private label goods manufacturedfor us by dedicated manufacturers, which we showcase at trade fairs. In this way, we are able to create and retain a number of valuable clients - distributors, supermarkets, retailers who find our services useful to source trade products without the hassles of searching far & wide. Because the cost & efforts put in developing your products are as good as the cost & efforts to attract suitable clients.

Our offer removes the burden of cost & efforts by directly undertaking your global products promotion services, concentrating on the specifics to achieve maximum market penetration.

Target trade promotion services:
Every market has its unique entry challenges. We understand these peculiarities in Africa better than any other trade promotion and marketing company. As we continue to grow, our understanding of peculiar market entry challenges expands farther across the globe.

Using ultra-modern exhibition and visual communication equipment we are able develop and deploy strategic appropriate route – to – market strategies for goods, products & services targeted to general or specific clientele. We are constantly employing innovative promotion techniques to push for maximum market penetration for our growing clientele. Chances are, at every point in time; we are somewhere creating awareness and promoting goods, products & services from a number of clients.

We are an ‘always on’ trade promotion company offering below – the - line marketing services to help our clients respond to challenges and opportunities.

Renewable energy:
At the heart of our renewable energy products trading service is our relationship with REECO GmbH,organizer of the biggest renewable energy exhibitions across Europe. Promoting RENEXPO renewable energy shows and associated events organized by REECO GmbH, and taking delegations of African energy professionals to these shows affords us unique opportunity to be both at forefront of information on global trends & developments in renewable energy products & services, and also puts us right in the middle of exchange of ideas and innovations between global producers, and African distributors & consumers.

Acting as such valuable interface between producer & consumer in this important sector avails us reasonable opportunity to understand global economics of renewable energy and contribute our insight to shape emerging trends.  


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